About Wolfgang Proksch

Standing for clearly defined luxury, innovation, modernity and value, the brand is visually characterized by photography of facial characters which radiate self-confidence, imply authenticity, strength and success, and cognitively evoke the emotions which WP consciously postulates.

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handmade in japan

The frames are made in over 100 steps at small manufacturing sites around Sabae city in Fukui Pref.

finest materials

We use only the most exquisite materials: Titanium or beta-titanium and acetates from the world's best manufacturers.

german design

Wolfgang Proksch has existed as a brand since the 1980s, and was renamed at the beginning of the millennium.

Award winner

The designs of the WOLFGANG PROKSCH brand have been awarded or nominated several times for best design.


"AUTHENTICITY is all I have."

— Wolfgang Proksch